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Flugnir Icelandic Horse Association Constitution



Flugnir Icelandic Horse Association was founded in 1999; the first official Regional Club that was recognized and sanctioned by our national organization, the United States Icelandic Horse Congress.


Founding members were Sally Niemann and Barb Riva of Wisconsin and Sharon Johnson, Debbie Cook, Judy Strehler and Sigrid Younger of Minnesota. It was our hope to form an organization that would be an ideal way to connect with other Icelandic Horse owners in the Midwest to support each other and enjoy this wonderful breed of horse to its fullest capacity, while still keeping our mission statement in mind. That is “To preserve the uniqueness and integrity of the Icelandic Horse”.


Over the past years the organization has taken on much more responsibility toward the growth and knowledge of the Icelandic Horse here in the Midwest with the planning of breed demonstrations performing at the two largest Breed Fairs in the Midwest, the Minnesota Horse Expo and the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, Wisconsin. We have also successfully offered the first regional club-planned Icelandic Breeding Horse Evaluation in the U.S. and hope to offer many more in the future.

We continue to offer fun events such as camping, day rides, and parades. We also strive to offer instructional events to our members such as clinics and competitions to both adult and youth riders.

If you are not yet a member of Flugnir Icelandic Horse Association, we would like to invite you to join. We are small group of Icelandic Horse enthusiasts and welcome your input, knowlege and friendship.

Election of Officers:   The following is the list of new Officers for 2011
 Wade Elmblad, President
 Judy Strehler, Vice President
 Barbara Riva, Secretary
 Lori Cretney, Treasurer
 Kydee Sheetz, Director at Large
 Ronald Rose, Director at Large
 Hanna Geyer, Director at Large

2011 Membership and liability release forms are located here.

Click here to download FLUGNIR membership form.

Click here to view the FLUGNIR Constitution.